Bradenton Florida

A busy town that is considered as the front producer of tomato and orange juice. Due to its unsightly looking office buildings it is far to call this town good looking. On the other side, Anna Maria Island (a barrier island) and Bradenton beaches compensate everything. If you want to escape from beaches, you can visit Bishop Planetarium or Parker Manatee Aquarium. (www.southfloridamuseum.org)


There are many opportunities for accommodation by the beaches but if your budgest is tight you will probably decide to stay at one of the facility far from the coastline. Prices at weekends increase. The most reasonable price is offered by a motel Silver Surf Gulf Beach Resort (www.silverresorts.com), but another great place to stay is also Queen’s Gate (www.queensgateresort.com).


There is a big number of restaurants by the beaches, Gulf Drive Café (offers dreamy tasting belgium waffles), Sandbar or Waterfront Restaurant (fresh seafood for reasonable prices).

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