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Miami was born of Fort Dallas built in 1836. After building-up of railway at the turn of 19th century the first visitors came in here and changed Miami into a blooming tourist resort. Another change came at the age when Castro´s revolutionaries took over the leading and many of emigrants moved to Miami vitalized the city in new character. In 80´s, the downtown grew in skyscraper city of Post-modern Age.

Whether you enjoy nightlife or resting and relaxation, Miami is the right place for you. Miami is the most famous city in Florida. Everyone who ever visits Miami, Miami Beach or surrounding areas will definitely choose from a large palette of services, activities and interesting places. Some people might be worried about the go-as-you-please life but Miami and Miami Beach residents are sure you will not find any better place for your vaccation than in Miami. It is almost unbelievable how Miami faces common leaflet catchphrases such as: copper-skinned people on beaches, sensuous nightlife and hotels in Art Deco. Palm trees grow everywhere and temperatures hardly ever fall below pleasant. Another important factor is represented with the people. One third of the residents are native Hispaniens, mostly Cubans. Miami has passed discontinuous innovations to better the city during last ten years.

Miami is divided into several different quarters (Miami beach, South beach, Northern Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Little Haiti, Key Biscayne, Little Havana, Coconut Grove...) that can be quite far from one another but there are two central quarters Miami and Miami Beach, where you can use public transport or just walk. Even that the old Miami full of crime is now only a history, its is good to know some quarters are good to stay away (Liberty City, Overtown, Little Haiti). The most attractive to tourists is a sandbank Miami Beach that is three miles off the shore where Biscayne bay protects the land against waves of Atlantic ocean. Do not omit even Miami Beach, offering amazing conditions for sun-bathing and swimming. To the north, there is Central Miami Beach, where big film stars from 50´s looked for entertainment. The downtown of Miami is full of crowds passing unheeded flashy sunblinds of shops with electronics, clothes or jewelry. When you get to the downtown, you should visit local institutions such as Historical Museum of Southern Florida or Art Museum Miami with a breathtaking exhibition of modern art.

Other places of interest in Miami

Ocean Drive – let´s say this is just a street but which? Endless promenades of classic cars, young people, street artists, celebrities pretending being just tourists and tourists pretending being celebrities, both beautiful and bad-looking people, etc.

Lincoln Road Mall – calling Lincoln Rd a shopping centre, it is the same if you call Big Ben a clock. This place offers shops and boutiques as far as you can see. Keywords of this place are: „To see and to be seen in public.“

Miami Beach Botanical Garden – beautiful gardens in the city, an oasis for palm trees, flowers and little ponds. Casa Casuarina – more likely known as Versace Mansion, former Gianni Versace´s residency but now opens for VIP and members only. Tourists pass round with curiousness and hunger to spot a celebrity.
Nature preserve in Miami - as the only city in USA Miami offers two natural preserves within reach - Everglades famous for alligators and Key Biscayne famous for Seaqarium with dolphins and orcas. Miami International Airport and Port Miami are one of the biggests in the world.


If you want to accommodate in Miami around New Years Eve or other bank holidays, finding an available facility might be difficult. The biggest number of hotels and motels is located in Miami Beach which is an ideal place for experiencing the nightlife. Prices vary between 35 USD and 300 USD. Types of accommodation:

  • www.clayhotel.com – hostel and hotel rooms in the centre of quarter in Art Deco where you will actually feel the touch of Mediterian atmosphere.
  • www.holliday-inn.com - comfortable hotel near Bayside Mardet Place and Port of Miami.
  • www.indiancreekhotel.com – renowned hotel in Art Deco located between Indian Creek and Atlantic ocean.
  • www.fontainebleau.com – former best example of hotel preciseness, nowaday target mostly of families with children


The cosmopolitan face of Miami is given into meals, where you can taste the connection of flavours from Haiti, Cuba, USA and other countries. Most of the meals in menus are affordable, at least in consideration with another american big cities. Near the coast there are over five hundreds kinds of both ordinary and exotic fish and if you do not find them on your menu than it is probably not their fish out season.


Whether the most frustrating or the most entertaining, driving in Miami can connect both. Under great conditions there is mild wind, water on both sides of the road, palm trees above your head and the right atmosphere in a magical city.

Nightlife in Miami is characterised by clubs, restaurants and bars. You can dance almost anywhere because almost all of the bars or restaurants are equipped with a dance floor. Compared to the 90´s, when bars were overcrowded with celebrities, nowadays nightlife has calmed down a bit. Despite this fact, you will still find a large variety of shows and places to hang out. Many of the top clubs (e.g. Space) are located in city quarter Park West. Clubs and bars are mostly opened from 10 PM but the centrepiece usually comes between midnight and 2 AM. You can expect an entrance fee in 20 USD and you need to be older than 21.

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