Parks, gardens, and nature preserve

Nature preserve Big Cypress

The name comes from the great expanse of cypress forest, hundreds of thousands of acres, within the Big Cypress Swamp. It is the final result of negotiating among conservationist, ranchers and oil-seekers. In 70's there were many tries to dry out acres of swamps and to turn them into building lots but because all effort fated, the government decided to pronounce the area a nature preserve with Big Cypress Gallery nearby ( www.clydebutcher.com)

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park that covers 1.5mil of acres was established in 1947. It is the most visited national preserve in Florida. It boasts rare and endangered species, mystic nature. Visitors may experience the park on boats or walking on the paths. You will walk through the original biota, see a various kinds of birds and even aligators. The park is open through the year but its face varies in different seasons. During the busy, dry winter season (November-March), most facilities are open, guided tours, canoe rides and a number of educational meetings and programs are available to enjoy. During the slow, wet summer season, facilities may have restricted hours or close altogether, and recreational opportunities may be at a minimum. Always wear a hat, sunglasses, comfortable T-shirts with long sleeves and long trousers and bear in mind a bug repellent. www.nps.gov/ever

Withlacoochee State Forest

Withlacooche is third the biggest wood in Floridy located just two hours off Tampa amd Orlando. The wood offers a possibility for hunting, fishing, paths for off-road biking, motorbikes, but even walking visitor will find many paths to enjoy. One can easily spot calm places to have a rest and escape from busy streets. The wood is devided into three main footpaths: Richloam, Croom Tract and Citrus Track.

Black River State Forest

The north part of Florida is very different from the rest and many of the locals call it even a different state. Black River State Forest with the highest peak 290ft above sea-level is a rarity of Florida. The wood is located three hours to the west off Tallahassee and according the residents, who are big lovers of kayaks and canoes, this area is also untouched and the pride of Florida. One might be dissapointed with the colour of water but you can be sure the water is pure and the colour is caused by pines.

Picayune Strand State Forest

This forest is near Naples and presents a perfect place for day trips. There are many of water sights and do not forget to take a binocular for bird-watching. One can experience even horseriding and choose a longer trip.

Another interesting places:

  • Cary State Forest – near Jacksonville, more likely for hiking
  • Lake George State Forest – near Barbeville, worthy archeological history, canoe, kayak
  • Lake Wales Ridge State Forest – 24 kinds of plants, 19 species of animals, all protected.
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