Key West Florida

Key West is a little island much closer to Cuba than to Florida and brought itself to world notice with its tolerant attitude and go-as-you-please life of its 30 000 inhabitants. If you hear word Conch, than someone must be talking about local long-time residents who like to ride their bikes, enjoy chatting at crossroads and throw many smiles at all visitors. Key West used to be called „The Paradise of Lost Souls“. If you are willing to pay fortune, you can take a luxurious boat trips or drink for ages. If you want to get to know the area well, you should get closer to the locals. The tourist centre is represented by Duval Street where you can find Mallory Square on its end and enjoy breathtaking sunset and many enternaining shows such as fire-eaters, distortionists, dog the rope-walker or other tricks in here.....or you can just sip on your beer and unobtrusively sweep into the nightlife of the city. Key West boast about a house where Ernest Hemingway lived (www.hemingwayhome.com)


Expenses on accommodation will always be high, but the highest will be from November to April when you pay 100 USD for an ordinary room. The only cheaper alternative facility is seaside Boyd’s Campground (www.gocampingamerica.com), but what you save on night´s lodging you will spend for parking in the city. Therefore any hotel or a boarding-house in the downtown will be better for you (www.angelinaquesthouse.com, www.blueparrotinn.com...)


Despite there are many restaurants, cafés and other amazing dining facilities, looking for a cheap one is a challenge in Key West. We recommend you Cuban sandwich shops that offer meaty and tasty meals for split compared to prices in pizza restaurants on main streets. You must taste original Key lime pie. ( www.cafesole.com)


Key West is usually called as floating bar. You can hear life blues, funk, country, folk or rock. The mainstream bars locate in northern end of Duval Street, but most of the most attractive from nightlife takes part in restaurants that are far from much-frequently visited Mallory Square.

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