Fort Lauderdale Florida

Fort Lauderdale is also called American Venice for its 480 km water ports which you can experience on a praam or a pleasure boat. Transport in the town is also ensured by water taxi. Fort Lauderdale is a quieter town about 20km from Miami and even it is a smaller city, it still offers anything you can expect from any big city. You will find here beautiful beaches, downtown, shops, nightlife and its own history. Beaches in Fort Lauderdale neighbourhood provide European elegance and the architecture of seaside walkabout is fabulously impressive and doesn´t have any similarity in any other part of Florida. The pedestrians come before vehicles and restaurants and cafés just call you to come in. Gourmands will definitely come into their own on one of the main avenues Las Olas Blvd. Las Olas Blvd. also holds an award for being one of the best shopping places in Florida. Visitors appreciate that Fort Lauderdale is financially affordable and extremely secure. The nowadays town is undergoing an internal changeover and is working hard on removing all the things connected to history inferno and also takes heed to being a friendly place to visit.

Not only glassed buildings but even many shops, fantastic art museum and number of recostructed old buildings, these all make the cetre of Fort Lauderdale. Centrum Fort Lauderdale. You will be impressed with Riverwalk Promenade, one and half mile long promenade going on northern coastline New River that is devoted to only for pedestrians. Las Olas Boulevard joins the Fort Lauderdale downtown and beaches – luxurious shopping boulevard where nothing is missed out – goods, art and dining facilities and water port Las Olas Isles with expensive cars on one side of spectacular residences and on the their second side there are luxurious yachts.


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Fort Lauderdale provides plenty of both affordable and pleasant dining facilities where you experience different cousines from Asian meals to local clam soup. Some examples of places to dine: Bimini Boatyard – quality salads and seafood served in an amazing surroundings on waterfront. Casablanca Café – modern and price average café, unusual kinds of pizza and delicious desserts. Johnny V Restaurantwww.johnnyvlasolas.com - modern, luxurious and creative american restaurant.


The up-to-date programmes are listed on www.broward.org/arts or in free of charge magazines CityLink or New Times. www.jointherevolution.net – spacious club with two podiums, two bars, outdoor terrace a much space for dancing. www.cheersfoodandspirits.com – life rock and reproduced house played till 4 AM for most of the evenings in a week.

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Fort Lauderdale - sale and lease of real estates

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