Cape Coral Florida

Cape Coral is a city located in district of Lee, Florida in USA. Its population is about 170 thousand of inhabitants. Surface of the area is about 298 km sq. which rates the city on the second place among the largest cities in Florida after Jacksonville.

An unusual and unique feature is a number of man-made canals built in the 50´s of the 20´s century. This is the age when two brothers from american noth-east came to the area, bought an peninsula and named it Cape Coral. They wanted to manage their dream and build a city according their conception. Due to the land was mostly swampy, they solved the problem by digging canals and leveling up the land where they started building houses and selling pieces of land to people who where willing to buy it. That is how they built a city where most od its houses actually stand by water ports leading to the Gulf of Mexico.

Since its establishment, Cape Coral has been considered as a sleepy city where not much takes place. The merit is on many retired people who has come to the city to enjoy the rest of their life in pleasant and friendly climate. Big changes started to appear around 1990 when many of families with children came to life in here because even they found the climate convenient and they saw an advatage in the location near the sea and with many possibilities for recreation. You can enjoy mostly sport fishing and water sports.

Thanks to the offer of a variety of different activites, Cape Coral attracted more and more young people. Nowadays city offers many shops, restaurants and night clubs that were possible to visit only in Fort Myers till late history. Fort Myers is a city located in proximity of Cape Coral, they are separated out only with the river Caloosahatchee and connected with several bridges..

Cape Coral is a popular destination of mostly German tourists who have bought here many real estates. They come here usually twice a year and the rest of year they rent their houses and apartments to other German tourists through travel agencies. Some of them even offer renting of their yachts embedded in front of their house. The international airport in Fort Myers ensures direct flights to Düsseldorf three times per week.
Cape Coral can offer even its own little beach with a restaurant and beautiful view and people waiting for the sunsets.

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