St Petersburg Florida

The name to this town is given by a Russian man who felt homesick. There is absolutely different atmosphere than in Tampa. St. Petersburg, with the highest number of sunny sequential days, is the sunniest town in the world which is the biggest crowd-puller. Doesn't matter how old you are, you will find the right activity for yourself. There is a large number of museums (Florida Holocaust Museum, Salvator Dali Museum), many galleries, neat parks (Sunken Gardens), beaches ... While driving to the town, you will be welcomed by Tropicana Field (address is 1 Stadium Drive) that is the home stadium of baseball team of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. We highly recommend you to beware of how far you walk. Due to high crime it is better to stay in tourist areas. Beyond that St Petersburg is an amusing and very interesting town. The central point of St Petersburg downtown is four miles long pier and in the wharf many of the craft exhibitions take place and you can find a tourist information centre at Concierge stall by the entrance.


You can easily find cheaper accommodation facilities here in the town than on the beaches. There are plenty of affordable motels. St Petersburg offers probably the highest number of B&B


Times bring larger variety of dining facilities. While eating on the pier you can enjoy great vista and if you decide for going to a restaurant or to a bar on Central Avenue you will have a unigue opportunity to meet the locals.

Nightlife and beverages

Going to the downtown you will find a number of new bars and cafés. There are three main targets visitors enjoy going to - The Garden, the oldest restaurant with life jazz music at weekends; Café Alma, an outstanding restaurant with a feeling of privacy created by dim light; Ceviche, a restaurant with vast selestion of different kinds of meal and probably the best esspresso drinks in town. St Petersburg celebrates every first Friday in a month by a celebration called Get Down Town. People throw a big party in the downtown. From 5:30pm to 10pm Central Ave between 2nd and 3rd Street is closed for traffic, shops are open, life music in the streets and you are allowed to take your drinks outside.


Beaches near St Petersburg
Beaches are just 20min from the town, right between Tampa Bay and Gulf of Mexico. The area is lined with barrier islands. It is considered to be the busiest coastal bay in Florida. The beaches are beautiful, the sea is warm and the sunsets are spectacular.

Clearwater Beach
Beautiful coastline with sandy beaches without crowds of people. The beaches are lined with newly built luxurious apartment houses. You can visit an aquarium Clearwater, which is a non-profit facility for curing injured sea mammals, turtles and dolphins.

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