Coral Gables Florida

Coral Gables – a calm residential area

Coral Gables Florida is a calm residential and glossy part of South Miami Beach. A matter of interest is that Coral Gables Florida was the first planned city in detail in Florida and was developed from drying of several tens of kilometres square of a swamp. Let´s mention even well-known Lowe Art Museum in Coral Gables.

Coral Gables – a wealthy quarter

This wealthy quarter built beside the coastline and golf courses was inspired by the best European architectures and transfered them into the New World. No matter different architecture of their houses, residents of Coral Gables Florida have one intercommunal building which is Venetian Poll, probably the most luxurious swimming-pool in the world. It was established from an anchestral finding place of corals in 1924 and one of its part is a romantic garden with a waterfall and caves. A bit farther to the north in the outskirt of Coconut Grove, there is a palace built in Renaissance, pallace Vizcays, that was built by James Deering in 1912. 10 acres of a beautiful garden belong to the palace.

Sale of real estates in Coral Gables

Sales of estates and houses in Coral Gables Florida is on of the activities of company Florema. Villas and houses in Coral Gables are mostly located on the either of the banks of water ports which you can use for transport to the open sea. Currently, company Florema can offer more than 500 of houses and villas for sale in Coral Gables Florida.

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