Key Biscayne Florida

Tropical island Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne Florida is a breathtaking tropical island where many of residents from Miami come to have a rest. This great place belongs among one of favorites of former president of the United States – Richard Bizon who regularly visited Key Biscayne. The house that he resided in is called Florida White House and you can find it on 485 W Matheson Drive. Matheson Drive.

Attractions on Key Biscayne

When you come on Key Biscayne, you must see Radon Park or Virginia Key. In other park Bill Bags Cape, there you can climb up a historical lighthouse and another big attraction is . Seeaqaurim in Key Biscayne. If you admire tennis or if you are tennis players, you will know Key Biscayne as a place where tennis tournament Masters takes place every year.

Real estates on Key Biscayne

Company Florema offers even some real estates on Key Biscayne Florida. These are mostly luxurious villas in price range about 5.000.000,-USD and higher. Company Florema has a really hot item in an offer and that is a villa on Key Biscayne which sells a famous singer Cher.

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